What We Almost Named Our Kids

Names names names, there are so many names! After getting married we began brainstorming ideas for our future children’s names. At the time, I had just quit working at a daycare and had really liked the name James. It was one of my favorite kid’s names (yes there were favorite kids) at the time. It also happened to be my husband’s grandfather’s name. I also liked the name Asher, but it didn’t feel certain. Ultimately those names didn’t last long and then I landed on the name Wyatt. My husband was not a fan of that name, but came up with the name we did use because it is very similar to Wyatt. [Sorry, still not saying his actual name!]. For middle names we use family names. I like to honor those who mean a lot to me/us. So his middle name, which I can tell you, is Edward; after my stepdad. Had Pickle been a girl, we had the name Amelia picked out. I have always loved that name, but it became way too popular I think for me to use it for our daughter.

When we started trying to get pregnant for the second time, I already had my daughter’s name picked out. I actually even made her name in my journal exactly how I imagined it going over the crib before we even got pregnant. We didn’t have any other names that we liked for either gender. We did like the name Ivan for a boy, but we weren’t 100% sold on it. Luckily it turned out in our favor! Her middle name is Kathleen which was my grandmother’s name, but also Chris’ Aunt’s name.

Our 3rd child was a surprise baby. We didn’t have any clue as to what names we would use other than if we had a boy his middle name definitely would be Karl. Karl is my husband’s middle name, his dad’s first name, and it was his grandfather’s name, too. After finding out we were pregnant, we started looking at names. I fell in love with the name Allistar. My husband was not sold on it and I could tell he just didn’t really feel it. I kept bringing that name up every time we talked about names. I also liked Theo, but Chris vetoed that one, too. We also really liked the name Archer [Pickle was convinced that was the baby’s name], but it didn’t feel certain to me.

“When you know, you know”.

For a girl, I struggled a bit because I wanted to honor my mom, his mom, and his grandmother. I kept trying to play around with their names to maybe come up with a name using parts of all of them, but it was a mess. One day while I was at work, I just randomly thought how pretty the name Mazie was (May-zee). His mom’s middle name is May, so it would have honored her, but he was pretty sure she spelled it Mae. So I had the name Maezie as a first name and then I was thinking for a middle name we would either use his Grandma’s name; Dorothy or the name Debra. Debra was actually the name of the baby girl that his grandmother had lost when she was about 7 months pregnant. But, we wound up with another son! Of course his middle name is Karl. His first name was something completely different and more of a common name than we usually liked. But, we just knew!

I am always intrigued on how people come up with names. I am named after a Days Of Our Lives character and my mom’s mom for my middle name. Who are you named after or where did your name come from? Let me know!


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