Today, I Sat Down

Today, I sat down.

Instead of beginning my day with all things related to cleaning, I decided to sit.

I often feel guilty for sitting down. Society has placed this cloud over stay at home parents that if we are sitting down, it means we are lazy piles of crap. But, think about it…

When you go to a paying job, they are required to give you breaks. In fact, compliance says (at least every job I have ever had) that 6 hours on the clock requires a 30 minute break. With that in mind, and my 24 hour “work” days, that means I should be entitled to at least 2 hours of break time, right? Add in all the days I don’t get my breaks because let’s face it, often times I don’t. I have accumulated some pretty good break time!

Somedays, I decide to cash in my break time and not do much more than keeping these little people (and pets) alive. Just because I don’t have an income, doesn’t mean I am less stressed and less deserving of taking my breaks. In fact, I would say breaks are 100% necessary in the stay at home parent field. We, too, need our sanity. After all, no one likes a grouchy mom/dad/partner.

Society is not my boss. Society doesn’t pay me to abide by it’s ridiculous idea of what it means to be a stay at home parent.

In the words of Cartmen from South Park..

And today, that is sitting down!


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