Weekend Wrap-Up In Pictures

An unplanned weekend, turned into some unexpected fun. I tried to remember to take pictures, but I didn’t get it all.


What isn’t pictured was our random trip to Applebees for dinner and a trip to the dollar tree for the scarecrows. P.S. hurray for new wax melts for the season!


Not pictured is our trip to Target where we bought part of Bug’s Halloween costume, a couple bras, tights, and a few grocery items. Also no pictured is when Chris’ parents came over in the evening to watch the Lucas Oil Late Model Nationals.

Girls Dinner Outing! This Hurricane Margarita was way too strong for me. I had maybe 5 sips of it before everyone else shared it haha!

Bug sleeping on me during the races


Not pictured is Bug’s 5 month photo shoot. I also put some new items on my Poshmark Closet. Ended the night with Netflix.

TARGET RUN! Bug’s first time in the seat of the cart. It lasted maybe 5 minutes, but he enjoyed it.

Saw this spider outside the dining room window hanging from the gutters.

Pickle’s Fort
Monkey washing apples
Hurray for laundry 😵

And that is really about it! What did you do this weekend?


3 replies to “Weekend Wrap-Up In Pictures

    1. I wish the weather was as ready as I am haha! Pickle has recently decided he should be the one pushing the cart most of the time. He tried taking Bug for a joy ride though, so he quickly was demoted lol

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