hello September.

For some reason I tend to start the seasons earlier than their technical dates. Why? I don’t know, probably because I like change? 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know when or why I started to, but I associate back to school season with Fall. It makes me want to bust out my leafy decor and scarecrows. However since I have been in the “let’s slow down” mode, I decided not to give in to temptation last month.

But NOW it is September, which means there is less than 30 days to the official first day of Fall. Which also means my leaves and scarecrows are up! Well, most of it (haven’t done much for inside yet). The weather is still pretty hot here in Nebraska, but that will change soon enough. Regardless of the heat, my soul feels like Fall is here. I want to dress for Fall. I want to just sit and admire all the Fall colors out of our windows. I want to lay around and watch movies with the windows open for some fresh breeze.

Speaking of movies, I was on pinterest the other day and browsing all things Fall related. I stumbled upon this picture for a Fall movie marathon.

My first glance was “hey I love like all of these movies!” So I decided to go ahead and save the list and start watching the movies to see if I could watch them all by time Fall is over (which for me would be Thanksgiving haha). Plus, there are some movies I have not seen, so that should be fun. If you want to, save the picture and follow along with me as I cross them off the list. Here is where I am as of today.

Of course you can’t have movies without snacks. I have been trying to stick with keto snacks, but (TMI lady alert) I got my first visit from the ever so fun “Aunt Flow” since after Bug was born. SO, my appetite has not been wanting KETO stuff. I definitely indulged in some chocolate last night (I was out of the sugar free kind). Oh well, life goes on. I also have moon cheese and pork rinds with dip. I can’t eat the rinds without the dip; the flavor is 🤢.

[If you are doing keto, let me know what your favorite movie snack is. Ps, ladies, let me know how you handle Aunt Flow’s requests when she is in town demanding all the crap!]

Anyways, I have been wanting pumpkin spice stuff and cinnamon flavored things. I did make pumpkin pancakes a couple weeks ago. We ate some of them and froze the rest for quick breakfasts before school. I think my next go to will be flavored lattes. We will see.

Do you get in the Fall mood early? Will you join me in the Fall movie marathon!? If you do, drop me your email on my contact page so I can send live movie updates to you!

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