Spinning In Cirles

Everyday there is something going on. With 5 people, what can you expect though? It is like life went from pacing nicely to triple fast forward. Between doctor appointments, dentist appointments, school, taekwondo, family functions, and typical life things in the midst, I feel like I am spinning in circles all day everyday.

Today I decided to take a little “me” time. After taking Pickle to school this morning, Monkey, Bug, and I came back home. Bug went to sleep in the swing, which left just Monkey to be entertained. I figured what better way to entertain her than to let her have her own “me” time doing the same thing that I would be doing. Painting!

I don’t know if it is DNA or simply because they are kids, but my children LOVE art. It did not take much for her to be completely excited about painting. Luckily for me, I had just reorganized our craft supply cabinet.

I grabbed a couple pieces of paper and the whole bin of painting supplies. Monkey decided on some water colors and so I thought, “hmm, maybe I will give that a whirl, too”. I felt like I had learned a lot from my paint by numbers that I did while I was In The Hospital. I received so much praise for this horse painting; the nurses told me I was the talk of the floor.

I figured if I had the patience to do that, I could have the patience to do something here at home. I browsed pinterest for some inspiration and settled on a picture. I busted out my own water colors to use and this is what I ended up with.

Not too shabby for using water colors and printer paper. I had just enough time to finish this picture before Bug woke up for second breakfast and Monkey was wanting a snack. I wound up deciding to make myself something healthy to eat as well. Because even though most of the time I am not sure which way I am going, I try to put myself in there somewhere.

Buffalo chicken, yellow squash, spinach, cheese, and ranch

Most days it doesn’t work out for me, but today I am glad it did.

6 replies to “Spinning In Cirles

    1. Lol! Thank you for the kind words! Certain things I can draw or apparently paint, but not everything. I suck at making animals, especially ones with snouts lol. I do love to cook!

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