Less Is More

Change is inevitable. I am finding myself in a different place lately. Perhaps it is the fact that in a few months I will officially be in my thirties. Does that make me an actual adult? I like to believe that I will take after my mother and remain young at heart forever. Though, I know my body won’t always keep up with the spunk. I did find my first grey hair a couple of weeks ago. I am not even upset about it to be honest. I was surprised that I went almost 30 years without a single one (to my knowledge anyway). Hair turning grey is just another bodily change that occurs with aging.

With this change that is occurring within me, I am beginning to see the ways of my past as a reminder of who I was and who I am becoming. For instance, I have mentioned countless times how I am obsessed with kids clothes and house decorating. What I have been learning is that I have been trying to buy my way into happiness. Sure, spending money on a new exciting thing can make a person happy temporarily, but does that item really bring you joy long term? I know you are probably thinking, “oh boy Jenn is on the Konmari kick”. Actually, while the whole idea is pretty awesome and I have seen a few episodes of it, this is something that has just sort of taken place in the last month or so for myself. I have been purging the heck out of our house. I am realizing that because of me we have so much unnecessary crap. I had totes filled with miscellaneous things that I have acquired over the years. Things that I had forgotten existed or never really used like I thought I would. If it hasn’t been used then it probably won’t ever get used, so what is the point in keeping it?

I had started this decluttering process with my own closet. It started because I realized after having Bug that nothing fit and it was leading me back down a road of low self esteem. I decided instead of spending money that we didn’t really have on another whole new wardrobe, that I would try to sell the clothes that I don’t wear and use that money for new ones. By “new” ones I mean from thrift stores, goodwill, and Poshmark. There is absolutely no shame in buying things for less. I actually prefer spending less on things that likely aren’t going to last me forever anyway. SO I posted my stuff to  my Poshmark Closet.

As I started realizing that I had a lot of unnecessary things in the house, I slowly started going through each room and taking out everything that was not really practical. For instance, the Keurig that I was so gung-ho about getting right before getting pregnant with Bug. It was something that was fun and exciting for a couple of months, but then I realized….I do not like hot coffee. I didn’t drink coffee for the “energy”, it was more for a yummy drink for me (all things vanilla) every so often. It just sat on the counter taking up space that could be used or just less cluttered. I was finding a lot of things that were just simply taking up space because I was too eager to buy it for one reason or another at one point in time.

I have always heard the saying, “money cannot buy happiness”, but I never really realized that that was what I was constantly trying to do. Sure it is fun for a minute, but in the end it is a waste of money and space.

We even have purged the kid’s toys. Yes, I was the one who admitted to spoiling my children for Christmas. Yes, I did say I was not going to stop doing that any time soon. However, here I am, stopping that and planning for a different approach this year. Having more toys does not make kids happy. Plus, it is more crap for them to be responsible for. Any of you with kids know how responsible those youngsters like to be when it comes to cleaning up. The less crap there is, the less crap there will be to keep cleaned up. It makes everyone’s lives easier to just have less. I have started yearning for a more simplistic lifestyle, becoming more of a minimalist if you will. Perhaps my thirties will be my greatest years yet; becoming or unbecoming the person who I am suppose to be.

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