Now I Just Sit In Silence

Embraced in a hug he asks, “are you okay?”

“Am I ever truly okay?” She says while holding back the same tears she has been consumed with for eternity.

Happy memories become faded behind a door of shame and self wallowing.

Itching to defeat the dark monster, but consumed with the thoughts of ending all the pain.

The idea that the burdens would be lifted, makes the idea seem so much nicer than constantly having to face a battle.

It’s not the literalness of wanting to die.

It’s wanting the suffering to end.

My mind is screaming.

Yet, here I am.

Just sitting in silence.

“Sometimes the quiet is violent”

But don’t you worry about me.

I’m not giving in.

6 replies to “Now I Just Sit In Silence

  1. This is really great writing. I like to write poetry, I’ve just started a blog that tackles my MH with humour. My first post was today. Please feel free to give some feedback.

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    1. Thank you! I often hide behind sarcasm and humor hoping people don’t get “turned off” by the struggling me. I will check yours out!


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