Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen.

Take a break from social media today and focus on the life around you.

This is something I have been trying to do more of lately. It is a bit disgusting how much of a habit social media is. It’s like reading the morning paper. Today I unknowingly did stay off social media for the most part.

This morning Bug had a 2 month well check, which went great! He has more than doubled his birth weight.

I had to take all 3 kiddos by my lonesome to his appointment. The nurse had made the comment “oh my goodness you have 3 kids and one is a baby and you’re here early!?” She even thanked me for being early. Bug had to get 3 shots and one oral vaccine. When the nurse walked in to do administer them she was surprised to find that I already had Bug in the position for the shots. She had asked if I would be willing to give classes to other parents on how to make doctor’s visits easier, ha-ha!

After the appointment we headed to our local library for story time. Monkey didn’t know it, but one of her favorite princesses was going to be at story time, Belle. I had her wearing an outfit with Belle on it, but I also packed her Belle dress in the diaper bag because I figured once she saw the other girls dressed up she would want her dress on too. We got to the library and I put Monkey in her dress. We were early so the kids decided to play on the kids computers and play with the toys while we waited. They also colored Beauty and the Beast pictures. Then it was time.

Yes, she is wearing rainboots. It was raining all morning, but she insists on wearing these boots no matter what.

I was waiting for Monkey to realize that Belle was there in the flesh, but it wasn’t until the end that she caught on. She was too nervous to meet her though, so we wound up leaving once it was over.

When we got home I made them lunch and we did some chores [Pickle has a chore chart now that he follows everyday]. Bug was pretty worn out from the shots so he took a really long nap. By time we were done with lunch he was awake and ready for his. By this point I started to feel my sickness again (sore throat and nasal drainage irritating it). So we went upstairs, I put a movie on for Monkey, and then we took a nap. Of course, it didn’t last long because Monkey decided to be ornery and flood the bathroom counter. She is a stinker like that.

I put another movie on and tried again, but it didn’t last but maybe an hour. By that time, Chris was on his way home. He got home and I finished making dinner and setting the table. [I did crock pot tacos]. We ate, cleaned the table, and started getting things together to go for a walk. We walked around the neighborhood, I babywore Bug and pushed Monkey in the stroller, Pickle walked, and Chris wrangled both dogs. We walked to a park we had not been to yet, but we seriously were there for 3 minutes because the darn mosquitoes wouldn’t leave us alone. We walked back home and I immediately had to shower. Monkey decided she needed to get in as I was getting out. Then Bug needed fed and a bath as well. As I was getting him dressed, I had to shoo the cat off my bed and then I saw a bug crawling on our bed. It looked like a tick in a way, but I am not certain if it was. Regardless I put it in the sink in scolding hot water to show Chris. I didn’t care what it was and stripped the bed anyways. I also made Pickle shower right away and yelled at Chris to check the dogs just incase.

Finally, I was able to just do nothing for a moment and now here I am.

It feels good staying off my phone and being present. I actually have noticed that since starting this challenge I have been doing more of that and not realizing it until after the fact. Being present can be difficult for me with my mental illnesses, but it definitely is something I am striving for. It feels good to notice the progress.

How was your day today?

How is your mental status today?

Let’s talk!


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