Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Twelve and Thirteen

I am not going to lie, I forgot about writing yesterday. I have been dealing with a multitude of life lately that my brain is not computing properly. So since I forgot yesterday, I decided to put days twelve and thirteen together.

Day Twelve.

If you are frustrated with your lack of spoons or your mental health, practice radical self compassion today.

This is the first I have heard of radical self compassion. In short it means to treat yourself like you would treat a good friend. I am definitely guilty of constantly beating myself up over everything I dislike about myself. I need to stop feeding my mind such negative bullhonky and start treating myself better.

Day Thirteen.

If your inbox is completely full and makes you anxious go on an unsubscribe spree.

I actually already do this quite often. Does anyone else have a tendency to plug in their email online to save a few dollars when ordering something? I am all for saving money, but then you get daily spam from these companies. At a time like now, where money is tight and I still am sometimes struggling with being impulsive, seeing these daily “deals” isn’t healthy. As the emails come in for things I unsubscribe. I don’t need anything. Just because it is a good sale doesn’t mean I need it. Another tip is when you read the fine print when signing up for something to save an extra percentage, usually there is a checkbox that you can uncheck when plugging in your email so that they don’t email you for every ad or sale going on.

Just my two cents.


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