Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Ten

Day Ten.

How has your mental struggles made you stronger?

I would say the fact I am still here is something of itself. Strength is not determined solely on someone’s physical capabilities. My mental struggles have been an ongoing “problem” for as long as I can remember. One might even say they have worsened as I have aged. However, I believe that without the struggles I have had, I definitely would not be the same woman I am today.

The struggles I had as a teen, are so minuscule now that looking back at those times makes me grateful for having struggled with it. I can now handle situations that I couldn’t then. It helped me mature and grow.

At the very least, having survived the struggles I thought I never would have has shown me that eventually everything comes to an end. If you just keep holding on, it eventually will be just another memory of how you overcame that big obstacle. Which you can time and time again so long as you keep trying.


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