Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Nine

Day Nine.

Take care of yourself today. Do something from your self care list.

I really try to implement something off my self care list every week. Sometimes it’s painting my toenails, taking a bubble bath, or buying myself something that makes me feel good about myself.

Today, however, my self care task is decluttering. I have been going through things in my closet a lot lately. Mainly because I feel like my choices are minimal with this post-partum body I have going on. But, I also have several items that I quit wearing long ago and just kept holding onto for who knows what reason.

I have been selling the better pieces on my poshmark closet [which you can check out HERE if you’d like to], but the others just get donated. So today, not warranted to this challenge, I started posting some new items and going through the things I know I won’t be wearing. I figure, the money I make from it can go to buying new pieces that do make me feel good. Because let’s face the reality when you have over $140,000 in medical bills you’re not exactly able to spend on “fun”/unnecessary things. [Thank goodness for insurance, though!]

What are you doing to practice self care today?


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