Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Eight

Day eight.

How do you make things harder for yourself and how can you reign that in?

I don’t purposely make things harder for myself, but I can see how some of my characteristics could do that.

  • Perfection- The need for things to be how I imagine them or else it isn’t good enough.
  • Pressure- Putting pressure on myself to live up to my own expectations, but sometimes it’s just too much.
  • Impulsive- I will randomly want to do or have something. When I want something I want it instantly. I don’t like having to wait. Sometimes it messes things up by rushing. Or having to sacrifice something else to satisfy an impulse.
  • Patience- I guess it goes with being impulsive too. However it can be a problem on it’s own. Some days I am fairly patient. Other days I have nearly zero patience. It can even change by the minute depending on a situation.

As far as reigning these things in? Hmm. I guess that goes with being fully present in my own head to be able to think before acting. It isn’t always easy to do that with the chemical concoction that seems to be in there, but it is worth trying. I am all for trying to better myself.

Which characteristic of yourself do you not necessarily like that you are working on?


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