Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Seven

Day Seven.

Practice mindfulness today. Don’t focus on the past or present, draw yourself back.

I know this post is late. I didn’t read ahead of time what the challenge was for today since we were busy. [Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s by the way]. But, had I read today’s challenge, today might have gone a little differently (not getting into that can of worms though).

Tomorrow I am going to practice mindfulness as the challenge says; especially not focusing on the past. For me, that can be a pretty difficult task as majority of my issues stem from unresolved issues from my past. Sometimes I feel like it is pathetic that certain things still affect me, even as an almost 30 year old adult. At the same time, it does anyway. Even when I am not trying to, it is just there regardless. It is something I am trying to work on though. So, here is to hoping for a better tomorrow.


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