Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Six

Day Six.

Work on coping skills you’ve neglected or that have grown rusty.

To be honest I feel like my entire life is happening in the upside down right now. There is not one aspect of my life that is calm or to be honest, even joyful. Everything is pure chaos and I am just trying to pry my way out. I feel like the world is being taken over by a dark cloud that is giving hell to everyone it covers. Or is it just me and my family? Things are rough all over.

I can be honest to say I have not been coping all that well. The usual methods that work for me seem to not be working this go round. Usually all I have to do is turn on music and get a good cleaning session in to feel better. BUT I can’t even manage to find enough time to do that (unless I wait until 1am). Even trying to take a bath becomes a bathroom party. It’s like, “oh hey mom is going to play in the tub, I want to come!” I can’t lock the door because it just isn’t smart if there is an emergency (husband does not easily wake up) it becomes a barrier.

I am hoping to find some new coping skills when I start therapy. Things I haven’t thought of or found online. Because this current madness is just not healthy.

Feel free to leave your best coping tips in the comments for me. Maybe there is something you have tried that I haven’t.


3 replies to “Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Six

  1. I don’t know much. But maybe try creating a schedule. Don’t do more than the time offered and don’t either do less, I dunno😅. All the best 👍 hope you feel well👍

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