Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Five

Before getting to today’s challenge, I thought I would share a little update from the previous days challenges.

Day One talked about how I need to start going to bed instead of staying awake to do X,Y,Z. The first and second night went well, by the third night I was back to watching Ugly Betty. I gave myself a two episode maximum. Last night (Wednesday) was a bit rough as #1 we spent the evening at the hospital (yes, again!) with Pickle who somehow got strep throat. Then #2 I came down with a stomach bug which I have been battling all day long. So, I have not been to bed yet, but I did get a nap in earlier.

Day Three talked about my need for therapy. Today I did some research and officially have an appointment set up for next month.

Now, onto day five!

Day five.

Try a guided meditation. Extra points for rain and waterfalls.

I actually do guided meditations from time to time. There are plenty of them on YouTube, but I actually like using apps for it. The mindfulness app is one that I like because it has 5 minute meditations. Surely anyone can spare 5 minutes a day to clear their head. You can do it daily and it can be set up to remind you to meditate at the time you specify. If you actually do what the meditation says, you may be surprised how relaxed it can make you. It may even make you fall asleep and that’s okay too. Give it a shot. Let me know how it goes! If you already meditate, send me your favs!



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