Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Not to sound like I am full of excuses, but my days are so variable that picking intentions seems like a good way to fail them. However, that doesn’t mean I cannot try!

Intent One.

Get ready for the day. I cannot reiterate enough how important this is. Having three kids and being a stay at home parent can make it easy for me to forget myself. Surely I can find 15 minutes to get out of my pajamas and fix my hair. Heck, maybe even have enough time to put my lipstick on (I love lipstick). Getting dressed helps me focus on the overall big picture of happiness; working on myself. It can be done.

Intent Two.

Eating and eating healthy. Like I said, it is easy to put myself on the back burner when I am constantly spun in circles from one kid to the next and the animals. Sounds like a circus, right? Sometimes it is! However, eating adequately helps the brain function properly and let’s face it, I need as much of that as possible! Besides, when I am hangry….WATCH OUT!

Intent Three.

Self care. Practicing any sort of self care would be beneficial to my mental wellness. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, painting my toenails, meditating, or taking a nap. I need to have 30 minutes to myself every day to do one of those self care items. It reduces stress which promotes positive mental health. Plus, everyone should love themselves enough to practice self care, even little ole damaged me.

What are your 3 intentions? Let me know in the comments!!


3 replies to “Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Four

  1. Mine are not these good and mental healthy though.
    1- Reading and writing
    2- Meditate, sort of
    3- Learn something about business, I guess
    These don’t come true but still😂

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