Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Three

Day three.

What do you struggle with when it comes to your mental health and how can you get more support there?

I guess for me the biggest thing I struggle with is thinking I need to suffer in silence. It actually wasn’t until recently that I finally told my family how much I actually struggle and with what. Though, I was surprised to find that many of them have similar thoughts as well.

I know I can talk to anyone about my struggles and they will try to listen. At the same time, the struggle is feeling like I burden them with my problems when they have enough of their own to deal with. So I sit in silence.

I do go to a support group on occasion and that does help. I am currently still on the fence about taking it further and getting medical help or even medication. I have a lot of worries when it comes to medication. I don’t even like taking tylenol for headaches. I have never been a person that likes putting mind altering things in my body (medicine, alcohol, drugs etc). I like to be in control.

I do want to see a therapist or psychiatrist, but with all the medical bills racked up from mine and bug’s hospital adventures, I don’t want to be a financial burden either. However, I do think it would be beneficial. It is something I need to look further into as far as finances because I do believe I am worth it if I can make it work for our budget.

Add that to my to do list for this week.

Until tomorrow,


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