Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Two

Day two includes something that I already pretty much have.

Day Two.

Create an emergency playlist for times when you need love and comfort.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t ask Alexa to play music. Music has always been a way for me to decompress. I have a very diverse taste in music, from Broadway to Heavy Metal. On the Amazon music app I am able to create playlists and add songs to fit each situation. For example, I have my goto list which is just my liked songs that Alexa has memorized. I also have a motivation playlist that keeps me from wanting sit down and be lazy.

But, since this is a challenge I figured I may as well create a playlist titled “emergency playlist”. For the most part, it contains the songs I have been listening to the most recently. Here is the list of some of those songs.

  1. Blood in the cut by K. FLAY
  2. Bodybag by HIT THE LIGHTS
  3. A Favor House Atlantic by COHEED AND CAMBRIA
  4. International Harvester by CRAIG MORGAN
  5. Scars by I PREVAIL
  6. Little Bit Of Life by CRAIG MORGAN
  7. Battleship Chains by VOLBEAT
  8. Defying Gravity from WICKED
  9. Popular from WICKED
  10. Stuck in Your Head by I PREVAIL
  11. Trees by TWENTY ONE PILOTS
  12. Crazy by FROM ASHES TO NEW
  13. Hollowmoon by AWOLNATION
  14. Something Like This by THE CHAINSMOKERS
  15. Vacation by DIRTY HEADS
  16. Beast of Burden by THE ROLLING STONES
  17. Holidae In by CHINGY
  18. Car Radio by TWENTY ONE PILOTS
  19. Feel It Still by PORTUGAL. THE MAN
  20. In The End by BLACK VEIL BRIDES
  21. What If I Was Nothing by ALL THAT REMAINS
  22. Down by The River by MILKY CHANCE
  23. Flashed Junk Mind by MILKY CHANCE
  24. Stolen Dance by MILKY CHANCE
  25. I Lived by ONEREPUBLIC
  26. Budapest by GEORGE EZRA
  27. Hook by BLUES TRAVELER
  28. Sweater Weather by THE NEIGHBOURHOOD
  29. Soul Meets Body by DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE

Are any of these songs on your list? What is your top 5 songs right now? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


5 replies to “Mental Wellness Challenge: Day Two

      1. I found your blog on the twenty-one-pilots tag and finding blogs on that tag has been my new favorite thing. You find awesome blogs to follow who already have a connection with you – the band.
        I love your playlist btw! A lot of favorites in there 🙂
        power to the local dreamer ||-//

        Liked by 2 people

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