Mental Wellness Challenge: Day One

Summer is practically here in good ole Nebraska. One thing I love about Summer is the slow down. Now that Pickle is in school, during the school months everything seems a little more chaotic. But, school is finally out and Summer is in! I figured, what better time than Summer to work on more mental wellness? I found this challenge on Pinterest several months ago and saved it because I knew one day I was going to start it. So, without further delay…

Day one.

What is one thing you can improve in your day that will improve your mental health?

I think right now the biggest thing affecting my mental health is my sleep, or lack thereof. Having a newborn it is expected to be getting little sleep. Add in two more kids, two dogs, two cats, and a household to maintain there just doesn’t seem to be a way to make sleep happen. At least, not as much sleep as I personally need.

I tend to stay awake even when everyone else is sleeping just so I can have some quiet to myself. However, I definitely pay for it in the mornings and throughout the day. I need to use the time to sleep instead of catching up on or starting new shows. I should sleep instead of pinteresting, browsing Facebook, and watching YouTube. It is a goal I need to rediscover and invest in.

With that said, it is 12:20AM, everyone else is asleep. Therefore I MUST SLEEP.

Until tomorrow,



3 replies to “Mental Wellness Challenge: Day One

  1. Good night or good morning I guess🙃. I have the complete opposite problem, can’t get enough sleep. 🙃 Always tired, mainly because I don’t have any work. Slowly I’ll get there though😁. I dunno

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