One Week Remaining

One week to go! Of course that is assuming things remain uneventful until then. It is sort of surreal to think that we will be having another child by the end of next week. While I am excited to see his little face for the first time, I am also a little sad that this is coming to an end.

I thought I would have been able to experience all the pregnancy things that I wanted to since this will be our last. Being on bed rest for the last month has left very little room to experience any of those things. Though I am grateful for how well he is doing.

It is a little sad to me to think this is the last time I will experience pregnancy. The last time I will feel movements and laugh at the motions of my belly. I think the saddest part is I know the reality of how fast time goes and I just want to hold on to these things a little longer. Before we know it, he will be in school and all of this will be a distant seeming memory. I just want to savor it while I can.

The upside though is, hopefully, after he is born my body won’t be in as much pain. My Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction has been pretty awful and making it impossible to sleep. Being able to sleep again (in MY bed) in general is something I am very much looking forward to. Then of course there is the fact that I will finally get to go home, my kids will finally have their lives back, and the whole family will get back to their usual routines.

I am hopeful that little man will do very well and not need to stay in the NICU too long. However we won’t really know until he is out and they can assess his needs.

We are about to embark on a whole new journey. You know what they say?

When one door closes another one opens.

From my hospital bed,


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