The One Thing

3 weeks down and 1 and a half to go!

The day after being admitted we went for an ultrasound to measure my fluid levels. During that ultrasound we found out that little man was breech. Most doctors will not do a breech delivery. Although, a couple of the ones I have met with said they wouldn’t be opposed to it if all the stars align when the time comes. However, not only do the stars have to align, but it would have to be one of those doctors there on the day that it becomes time for delivery. It isn’t a guaranteed thing.

Since finding out he is breech, I have been telling him if he could just do the one thing for me, I would be so very grateful.

Being on bed rest there really isn’t a whole lot that can be done to aid him in flipping around. Up until these last few days I was not even really allowed to do much more than getting up to shower and go to the bathroom. A few days ago my nurse okayed me to do some of the spinning babies technique to see if it would help him flip. I did try it once, but it made me a bit dizzy. Followed by days of very little sleep, it just wasn’t something I felt too strongly about trying I guess.

Last week they finally scheduled another ultrasound to check his growth, his position, and fluid levels. That ultrasound was this morning.

My mom brought monkey up with her to be there with me and mainly because I think my mom wanted to his little face. The caretechs wheelchaired me over to the other side of the hospital where the ultrasound would be done. As soon as the ultrasound tech put the wand on my belly, I could see his head. He flipped!

I seriously cannot express the relief that has brought to me. I really really did not want to go through a csection recovery again. Though, of course if it was (or becomes) the safest thing for him I will do that. Hopefully he stays head down and I am able to be induced next week with a safe delivery.

From my hospital bed,


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