One Week In

Well we have made it one week so far in this here hospital. Baby and I are both doing as well as can be expected.

People keep telling me that I must be going crazy laying here all day long. Though I do feel I am missing out on things outside of here I am really good at being lazy (as bad as that sounds) so it hasn’t really bothered me [yet].

I just keep replaying the timeline of events in my head. Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy I have had this weird feeling that he was going to come early. I have had dreams and told a couple of people about the dreams and weird feelings. I had zero reason to even suspect that something would happen. I always say I have very strong intuition. The days leading up to being admitted just seemed to be ordinary for me, but then after being admitted it is like I subconsciously knew something was coming and things needed to get done.

Saturday the 16th – went into the lab to do the 4 hour glucose test and afterward we started rearranging the kid’s rooms

Sunday the 17th – Abruptly quit my job

Monday the 18th – Finished the baby’s room

Tuesday the 19th – Water broke while walking into Walmart of all places

It is just crazy how everything just happened.

Mentally I feel pretty good. I do have some bouts of feeling guilty for everyone taking on my responsibilities and their lives temporarily being a little chaotic.

My nights can be a little bit rough. I do not get enough consecutive sleep with constantly being woke up to check for vitals and what not. I usually get about 4 hours a night where I am not bothered. I do my best to sleep during that time, but it can take me a bit to wind down. I definitely take a few short naps during the day to try and make up for it. It isn’t ideal, but it also could be worse.

So long as little man is still doing well that is all that matters right now.

From my hospital bed,


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