Sing Along

Another glorious snow day today. Actually, I have pretty much not left the house since Thursday when I went to work (because of the beautiful blizzard we had). I guess I was starting to get a little stir crazy, or maybe it was due to the fact that we were running low on groceries and nothing was satisfying my next to nothing appetite. Needless to say, I had a shopping itch.

I spent most of the day (when not napping and tending the kids) online window shopping. I was looking for spring maternity clothes. I finally had found some things that peaked my interest and messaged them to Chris for his opinion. He is always leary of buying clothes without trying them on, so he asked if there was somewhere we could go so that I could do just that. I knew 2 of the things I wanted we would not find locally; at least, not for the price Amazon has. I figured I could probably find something at Target that was comparable to the other items I was looking at. Plus, we would already be there for grocery shopping anyway.

Chris got home and we decided to head out shortly after his arrival. We went to dinner and stopped by Burlington coat factory. I had remembered they use to have a big maternity section, so figured we would look. Well, 1.5 hours and zero maternity items later, we finally left there and headed to Target. I found one item I wanted and then we got our groceries. I guess I could consider that successful.

On the way home, Pickle had requested to listen to “the old Twenty One Pilots” cd. It still amazes me how excited BOTH of the kids get when Twenty One Pilots comes on. Monkey immediately got excited and was headbanging and doing an arm jig to the song. Pickle knows pretty much all the words to all the songs on the cd [Blurry Face].

I was jamming with them, when I caught myself laughing because of how Monkey tries so hard to also know all of the words. She does pretty well for a 2 year old. I started wondering if this was something I would remember happening 10, 20, or 40 years from now. I surely hope I remember these times. I have always been sort of emotional when they are finally able to sing along with the songs they like listening to. Maybe it is because music has always been a huge part of me and it seems as though it has become a significant part of their lives too. I have always said singing is in my blood and have always wondered if my kids would have that passion in them as much as I do.

I want to remember times like this. The little voices that are trying so hard to rap a sentence. The little voices that, may not sound like actual words, but they are on key. The family jam sessions just simply driving home from the store, or even as long as across the country.

Sometimes I wish my glasses had a camera that could record everything so that I can replay it whenever I want. That way, I could never forget. I want to remember all of these moments with the kids, with our growing family. It is the little things that matter most.


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