What I Pack In My Hospital Bag For Birth

I have seen hundreds of posts and pins about what people pack in their hospital bags for the birth experience. Having been through that experience twice now (csection and a vbac), it has given me a much better idea of what is and isn’t needed.

With my first, I was the -pack everything- person. With my second, I still went a little overboard, but not as drastic as with #1. Now that we are expecting #3 in May, I have finally narrowed my list down to the things that actually proved to be beneficial for me.

To make leaving the house easier, I have everything in one bag (mine and baby’s stuff). Having more than that can be a hassle, especially if you are in a frantic rush or if you are going in the middle of the night. The simpler, the better. I usually have the bag packed by 36 weeks and leave it by the front door. Once I hit 38 weeks, I move it to the car.

**At the end of the post I will list the things I found to be unnecessary.**

Note: I am not the type of woman that feels the need to have makeup on during or after birth. I did include it with #1, but never used it. So, I won’t have any of that on my list.

For Mom


Comfy pants – 2

Nursing tops – 2

Underwear for going home

Sports bra or nursing bra


Fuzzy socks (optional)

Face lotion

Toothbrush and paste


Phone charger

Camera and charger

Boob pads (not pictured because we have not got them yet)

Heating pad

Birth plan (not pictured, if you want this information, please let me know)

*I always bring my purse which has my wallet essentials (liscense, insurance card, and all that “fun” stuff)*

For Baby

Swaddle and hat


Going home outfit

Mittens (not pictured because we haven’t gotten them yet)

Footies/pajamas – 2

Burp rag/recieving blanket

Vaseline (I think hospital does provide if needed)

And anything you’re wanting to include in any newborn photos (for me it will just be an extra blanket)

For partner

The only thing we packed for my husband was some energy drinks (you probably can get them in a vending machine if you don’t want to pack it) and a change of clothes. He did leave to go home when he needed to, but I know for some that may not be an easy option.

Things I do not bring to the hospital because I found them to be excessive and/or did not use.

Boppy pillow – never used even after my csection, hospital pillows worked just fine

Excessive amounts of clothing


Food and drinks that are healthy for during labor – I did this with #2, but found I had no desire to eat during labor.

Extra pillows and blankets

Diapers and wipes for baby – hospital provided this for me.

Nipple cream – I did not ever use nipple cream with either of my kids (though we did buy some), but some people definitely like it for chaped chi-chis.

Breast pump – If you are set on bringing one, bring a manual because it is easier to carry around in your bag. Just remember your milk likely won’t fully come in until day 2 or 3.

Water bottle -the 2 hospitals I birthed at provided water jugs

Hair products including styling tools

Feminine pads/depends -hospital provided these for me (definitely have them at home though)

Formula bottles – The hospital does have them if you choose to formula feed.

Hygiene soap – The hospital does have some. If you insist on name brand ones then bring travel size versions.

Towels – hospital provides these.

Birth ball – my hospital provides this.

Tucks pads or any lady bits remedies – the hospital provides these (but definitely keep them on hand at home).

Just remember, the more you pack the more you have to carry in and back out.

I do not like having to take multiple trips to the car after giving birth and trying to leave with a newborn. The hospital provides most of the essentials for the duration of your stay and you get to take whatever they give you home.

-And before I forget and someone says something, we do install the carseat around 36 weeks and leave it in there so it is ready when the day comes.-


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