2019 Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Who doesn’t love getting free things? I know I enjoy free things! I had signed up for an amazon baby registry a few months ago to keep an ongoing list of the things I wanted to get for our newest family member (due in May). Amazon tends to have just about anything you can think of. I like the variety they have for baby items especially because you can’t really find them anywhere else (especially for the lesser price tag).

When you sign up for a registry with amazon, part of the benefit is that you get a “free” welcome box. The only fine print here is that you won’t get the box unless there has been a $10 purchase off your registry and you have to be an Amazon prime member. Now we already are prime members, but now I needed to decide what I was going to buy in order to get this box. I became indecisive as I didn’t want to buy anything that wasn’t really necessary. So I let it sit for a couple of months (sort of forgot about it for a bit).

I had started looking up what other people got in their boxes and it seemed like most of them got some kind of clothing (a baby gown or outfit), bottles, wipes, pacifiers, you know the basics. I thought, “hey I am all for getting “free” things”. So this last week I finally decided what to buy and did so this past Wednesday. Once that item shipped I was able to redeem the welcome box. I put it in my cart and checked out (got to love paying zero for shipping, too!). I got the notification for my order and it said estimated time was about 2 to 3 weeks. I figured maybe they have to put the box together, who knows, either way free is free.

The next day I received a notification that my box had shipped and would be here Monday. I was excited because I figured it would be at least 2 weeks and now it was only a few days. Today was a busy day between work, family dinner, and taking a little roadtrip with our friends. I wasn’t expecting to come home to a box on the doorstep! I knew exactly what it was and was excited to see what was in it. Now, I always like to involve the kids with the things involving the new baby. Pickle was excited and went up to grab the box. We brought it in and decided to open it as a family. Of course, that really means the kids open it and pull everything out. Which is exactly what happened ha-ha. Here is what we got in our box!

The only thing not pictured was a little travel size bottle of baby lotion that Monkey insisted on holding the whole time.

A lot of the things we got are the same exact things we got from our Target registry welcome bag. Now, I was anticipating some kind of clothing item, but was so excited to see a swaddle blanket! Those things can be pretty pricey! Plus, the zebras are pretty cute. Overall, you really cannot beat free and we will likely use most of the things we got depending on how the baby tolerates bottles and lotions.


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