Everybody Has Choices

Just like the E-40 song says, “everybody got choices”. Meaning everyone has to make their own life decisions. Every choice we make affects the outcome of our life’s journey. Sometimes those choices even affect the life journey of others.

It can be a tough pill to swallow when you are sitting back watching people constantly make bad choices. I don’t mean bad choices like cheating on a diet plan. Those are minuscule in comparison to the ones on my mind.

Sometimes I find myself feeling overly stressed over these bad choices that people are making time and time again. Obviously to be that much in the know of someone’s life, we ought to have a somewhat close relationship; or so one would think. I sometimes feel overwhelmed as if I was the one who should be responsible for their behavior, though logically I know that I am not. It still eats at me. I try to do my best to separate other people’s choices from the list of things that stress me out in my personal life. Sometimes, it just isn’t that easy.

Just needed to vent today…


2 replies to “Everybody Has Choices

    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes it is difficult dealing with emotions alone when you are just wanting to scream at the world. But, then you also know that won’t do any good.


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