Blogmas Day 21

Christmas is that time of year when we focus less on ourselves and more on the people we love. While I am all for that, we still need to take the time for ourselves as well. Getting wrapped up into everything that goes into preparing for Christmas can be tiring and costly for some. Perhaps it even leaves you feeling like you have nothing left to give (especially to yourself).

I started thinking, what are some ways that I can do something for myself when I feel like I am giving everything I can to everyone else? I figured the hubs and I could collaborate and make a list for men and women on some things we can do that make us happy and allow us that personal time.

Men (Chris’ ideas)

A facial grooming kit or professional shave

One of those hygiene gift sets with all the soaps and shampoos you need

Get a massage

Go out for drinks with friends

Buy a racecar 😂

Go for a drive, listening to music

Get a tattoo

Women (My ideas)

Take a hot bath with all the works (bath bomb, bubbles etc)

Get nails done or do them yourself

Get a massage

Take a nap

Order take out

Get your hair done

Read quietly

Buy yourself something that makes you feel good and happy

Meet up for lunch with a friend

I am sure there are plenty more ideas. What are some things you do for yourself this time of the year? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


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