Blogmas Day 19

A couple of weekends ago we attended my husband’s work safety/Christmas party. Every year Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance to take pictures, talk to the kids, and hand out candy canes. Pickle has never liked seeing Santa in person. I think after he was about 2 years old he would just refuse to even look at him.

I personally am not one of those parents who has to have a photo with Santa every year. I do not force my kids to sit on the lap of a stranger if they do not want to. I figure it shows them how to respect boundaries if I am respectful of their boundaries. This year, Poppy (who is almost 2 years old), seemed excited to see Santa. We got in line, but when it was our turn she got nervous. Mrs. Claus got out of her chair and let Chris sit next to Santa while holding Poppy on his lap. We were able to get one picture and her face in it cracks me up.

After she was done she yelled, “I did it!” She was also very excited about her candy cane. Pickle, who still wanted nothing to do with it, sat at the table coloring pictures.

I can understand wanting the progression photos throughout the years, but they don’t necessarily have to be done on the lap of the jolly bearded man. I can simply look back at all the Christmas card pictures we have done since we have been together to see how far we have come. (Edited to add progression photos from Christmas’ since 2013).

Do you go for the yearly Santa photo? Do you feel it is right for kids to be forced to take their picture with Santa?

Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


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