Blogmas Day 11

Typically I spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the month of December. Something about Christmas puts me in a baking mood. I would make cookies, breads, cakes, snacks, or any new recipe I could find that looked good.

This year though, my sweet tooth is next to nothing. I want to bake, but everytime I look at recipes my insides cringe and I shake my head no. Nothing about it sounds good (yay pregnancy). I guess the positive is that I am not having to worry about gaining more weight.

I have only managed to make premade cookies and home made brownies thus far. Today, my mom informed me that she is making her usual treats, which consists of chocolate covered pringles. And for once, something sounds good! I may need to run to the store and get supplies to make these addictive treats.


Original pringles

Chocolate almond bark

Parchment paper


Melt almond bark until smooth

Dip half the pringle in the chocolate, let excess drip off

Put the covered chip on parchment paper to dry

Bag them up and share them with friends and family, or enjoy them yourself

It is a great combination of sweet and salty.

What is your favorite Christmas treat?

Until tomorrow,


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