Blogmas Day 9

I feel so much better now that things are getting done! Usually our Christmas shopping is done in the fall, but this year has been different. Which, actually, isn’t so bad now that I have made it through the anxiety of waiting. When you’re a planning freak such as I, anxiety happens when things don’t go according to schedule.

Life happens and sometimes even the most well thought out plan goes down the drain. Holiday shopping for me this year sure did when toys r us closed and we weren’t able to utilize their layaway program. Life also goes on. How did we do our shopping this year? I will gladly tell you!

I started by creating a registry on Target. I would look for things I knew I wanted to get and add it to my list. Once we figured out what the kids were wanting (letters to Santa) I looked for those and added them to my list. My family decided to do a secret Santa exchange this year, so we added the things we would be buying for our secret people to the list as well.

Some of the items on my list, we were able to find at another store. When an item was purchased, I would mark it as so on the registry. So yesterday, when we finished our shopping, I was able to go directly to my registry list and find all the items left on it. Having a plan saved us so much time and probably money. What could have taken us hours to shop for 2 kids and 2 adults, took us right about an hour (a little wandering and snacking included). Having that list was truly a life saver when we were on a time crunch.

We managed to go to 3 different stores, get what we needed, and then got out. I feel like it was record timing for me (I like to wander).

How do you Christmas shop? Do you go in with a plan or just wing it? Are you one of those last minute shoppers that waits until Christmas eve?

Let me know!

Until tomorrow,


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