First Trimester

Today officially marks the beginning of the second trimester for our little nugget. I cannot express how elated I am to finally be at this point.

Even though this is my 3rd pregnancy, it has once again proven to be different than the first 2. Before even finding out that we are pregnant, I was sick and I thought I had the flu. This nausea lasted longer than I remember with my other 2 kids. I do not remember being nauseous at all with Poppy (#2). I vaguely remember a little nausea early on with Pickle (#1). This one, on the other hand, lasted all day and night and lasted until about 13 weeks. Being that nauseous all the time can really be exhausting. I kept telling myself to be thankful for all of it though because I know the reason behind the nausea (a baby).

Not only had the nausea been problematic, but so has my sense of smell. For awhile there everything was making me sick. I was stuck on comfort foods just trying to get by. Along with my sense of smell causing nausea, random other things would too. For instance, cold pasta sauce. The idea of eating it cold and then essentially being forced to (was being polite) did not sit well with me. It just seemed like I couldn’t win the battle with the triggers because everything was triggering.

With it being cold and flu season I have also been battling colds much more frequently than I normally would. About half of the first trimester I have spent being sick. Add all of this nausea and illness together and you get zero energy.

Obviously it is normal for the first trimester to seem exhausting. I do not function well without a nap during the day. My night time insomnia does not help my very exhausted mind and body, but I am slowly starting to get some energy back.

The hardest part of the first trimester is the unknown. You can’t feel movements so you don’t have any reassurance that everything is okay. I know I am grateful for my appointments during the first trimester to ease my nerves. I will be even more grateful when I have the movements to keep my nerves at bay.

In a couple of weeks we will be finding out the gender of this baby. I am particularly excited about that so we can start narrowing name ideas down. I have some that I like, but we don’t have anything set in stone; which is also different this time around. Our first 2 we had names figured out before even getting pregnant. I won’t lie, things just seem to be working backwards this time. Honestly though, I am just taking it a day at a time and enjoying it all (even the nausea). Knowing it is our last, really has me in a different perspective than before. It is bitter sweet.


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