Black “Friday”

Since when did black “Friday” start actually occurring on Thursday? Or better yet, on Thanksgiving? It seems every year stores open earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving for people to get those “black friday” deals.

I am no stranger to working in retail and what goes on during the black “Friday” frenzy. I did that working at Walmart for 3.5 years. Now that I am working in retail again (not Walmart), I am reminded how much of our society is obsessed with material items.

It sort of reminds me of the people in who-ville on the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the Jim Carey one). Even little Cindy-lou wonders why everyone is going so bananas over presents. The people out shopping think that they’re entitled to the things that they want. They will stop at nothing to get those things. Heck one year I was nearly trampled to death over a leapfrog toy. Most people out shopping these black Friday deals have little to no compassion.

They have no compassion for the other people shopping. Smashing carts into one another. Elbowing people and yelling curse words for the world to hear.

But even more so, there is no compassion shown for the people who are forced to work during the frenzy. Employees getting yelled at for enforcing the rules that, I promise you, they did not make up themselves. Employees getting yelled at when the supply runs out as if it is their fault. Everything is always the employees fault because after all, the customer is always right, right?

Companies clearly lack the compassion for their employees by forcing them to choose between their jobs and their families on the holidays. I know at my store we did not have a choice to work Thanksgiving or not. We did get to request which shift we prefer, but even then that isn’t a guarantee for everyone. That means many people are missing out on their families, just trying to maintain their livelihood (paychecks) for these customers and selfish corporations.

Not only that, but there is something that happens during these black Friday hours. Employees are under high stress, maybe even anxiety. They become cranky, rude, and highly demanding (at least the majority in my experience). It makes it hard to want to be at a place, when you obviously for 1. Would rather be with your family in the first place and 2. People treat you poorly while at the place keeping you from doing #1.

I nominate we move black Friday back to its rightful day. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. People deserve to be with their loved ones during the holidays.

That is all,


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