Finding Out We Are Pregnant (baby #3)

Finding out we were pregnant was definitely a shock! It had taken us a lot to have the 2 kids that we do have. Getting pregnant was never something that seemed to happen easy for me. We had planned to officially start trying for baby #3 in December. Obviously things happened a little sooner than we planned.

Preface: I knew when we started trying for a baby again that I wanted it to be different than the last 2 times. I did not want to be obsessed with it. I kept hoping for it to happen on its own. For some reason, I had this weird feeling that I would end up pregnant the day our best friends got married. I never told anyone this, I figured only time would tell. The night of the wedding; we both had some drinks, got into an argument on the way home, and then obviously made up. I sort of forgot anything about it until about a week and a half later.

Without going into too much TMI detail, I will just say weird things kept happening. On September 22nd, I went to work like normal. I was only there for about 25 minutes before I started to get really hot and nauseous. I thought maybe I was just hungry as I didn’t eat much that morning. I tried to work through the sick feeling, but it didn’t last long before it was much worse and I ended up going home. I figured I was coming down with the flu- tis the season.

The next day, I was still nauseated, but never actually puked. We went about the day as normal. I started piecing together all these weird things that had been happening the last 4 or 5 days. I was having some mild cramps and knew I needed to get some feminine supplies for when I did start my period. We went to the store and bought those plus a pregnancy test. For some reason I thought “maybe just incase”. Later that day we did what we do on most Sundays, go to Chris’ parent’s house. While we were there I still wasn’t feeling good. I really thought I had the flu and it just wasn’t as severe as the flu normally goes. I wound up laying on the couch nearly the whole time we were there while everyone else was outside playing with the kids. We ate dinner and then left for home.

When we got home, I really needed to go to pee. I completely forgot that we bought those tests, but saw them and decided to take one. I was fully prepared for a negative test. Except within less than a minute that first line appeared. Was I hallucinating? I waited for the second line and it too didn’t take long. Holy crap!

I started yelling, “BABE!!!” And his first response was, “don’t even do it, it isn’t funny”. I said “well I am serious come here!” I showed him the test and he walked away in disbelief. The funny thing is, the night of the wedding I warned him it wasn’t a good time not to use protection (obviously we both didn’t care too much in the moment).

Pickle came to the bathroom and was asking what is going on. I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t want him to get excited, or panic, so I told him to ask Chris if it’s okay for me to tell him. He went and asked and I overheard him say it was okay to tell him. He came back to me and said “daddy said you can tell me”. I said, “do you see this stick?” He said, “yeah?” I said, while crying, “we are going to have another baby”.

The look on his face was like he was confused whether to be happy or sad. He just said, “oh my goodness..” then of course started asking questions and was very excited. So excited he went to tell Poppy, who isn’t even 2 so she doesn’t have a clue what it means yet.

We went to bed, still in shock. We had agreed to do things differently this time since it is going to be our last. 2 weeks later we told the family. Then after my first appointment we announced to everyone else.

It definitely has been a different experience thus far, but we are very excited to complete our family. Stay tuned for my first pregnancy update.


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