The First Snow

It is the middle of October, where Fall should be in full swing here in Nebraska. So far our Fall has been a pretty wet one, with rain nearly occurring daily. With the temperatures dropping more rapidly than I remember in recent years, I have thought, this winter is going to be a glorious white one.

I woke up today to a wonderful sight. Here is a video from my window.

It has been coming down pretty good all day! I just love the snow. Maybe it is because I am basically a Winter baby, I don’t know. I just love it. It is peaceful and beautiful to me. It also makes me excited for Christmas time!

I do remember being a kid and having blizzards in October. One year Halloween was even cancelled because of the snow. In my adult life, the snow seems to wait until later in the year; starting close to Christmas time and ending in March/April. I really wouldn’t mind it sticking around already. Here in Nebraska though, it changes daily.

I will enjoy it while it lasts.


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