2018 Halloween Bucket List and Costume DIY

It is officially October! At our house we celebrate Halloween the entire month of October! There is just so much fun to be had! I decided this year that I was going to separate my bucket lists for Fall and Halloween. Check out My 2018 Fall Bucket List here.

Here is our 2018 Halloween Bucket List:

I thought it would be fun to share each item on the list as we do them (not necessarily in the order it is listed).

I guess I could start with costumes!

This year, originally we were going to do a family theme for costumes. Ideas we had were; Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and super heros and villains. We thought it would be cute if the kids were the heros (Batman & Robin) and the parents be the villans (Joker and Harley Quinn). I kept going back and forth on ideas, mainly because I felt I would spend way too much on my costume to try and be exactly like Harley Quinn. Eventually I had to make up my mind and decided that we didn’t necessarily have to match. Pickle definitely was already set on being Batman though, so we knew he would not change his mind. I figured, he can still be Batman and Chris could be Robin.

We wound up getting Pickle’s costume at Target on the day they did the 40% off sale. We wound up getting it for $15. Chris is going to be Robin, we are either going to get him a shirt and mask (with cape) or buy the whole costume. We have not decided 100% yet.

It did not take me long to come up with an idea for Poppy and I. I have been obsessed with Wicked for awhile. Seeing it live just solidified that obsession. I decided Poppy would be Glinda and I would be Elphaba. The only problem was, the only Glinda costume that you can buy is the one from The Wizard Of Oz (the pink dress one). Though “technically” it is the same character, the Glinda in wicked doesn’t ever wear that big pink dress. She wore many different outfits, but the most iconic one, I think, is the blue bubble dress.

I do not own rights to this photo. I found it on Google images.

I figured the easiest way to mimic the costume was by doing a tutu version. I found many tutorials on how to make a tutu dress. It really isn’t hard at all. You buy tulle, the mesh-like fabric, and I also bought some ribbon. I used 6 rolls of tulle (2 glitter blue, 2 regular blue, and 2 white). It made 3 layers which seems like enough for an almost 2 year old, though you could do more and make it fuller.

For the top part of her costume, I bought a blue leotard off Amazon. I was hoping they would have one that was already decked out in jewels, but they didn’t. I bought a plain blue one and some rhinestone adhesives. Here is how it turned out.

I think it is cute! Granted, I wish the stones came out exactly like Glinda’s dress. It’s okay though, it isn’t like she is going to wear this daily.

Another part I needed for her costume is her tiara and wand. I did make them, but I am not amused with how they turned out so I don’t think we will be using them. Plus, I don’t think she’s going to want to carry all that the whole time.

The last thing we needed was a candy bag or bucket. Me being a details person, I thought “what would Glinda carry for trick-or-treating?” Of course she would have something covered in jewels, but what? What would a witch use? Witch…witch = cauldron! Duh!

I bought a $3 cauldron from Target. I also bought blue paint, rhinestones, rubber cement glue, and glitter.

Originally, I was going to do Glinda’s pink party dress (hence pink glitter), but decided since Poppy likes blue and the blue dress was more recognizable that we would do that instead. I exchanged the glitter for blue glitter. First thing I did was paint the cauldron because I knew it would show through the rhinestones. I wanted it to match the dress.

After letting that dry, I started glueing the rhinestones to the cauldron. It took me 2 days to finish the cauldron because halfway through I let it dry (and my pinched nerve was mad).

Here it is finished. I love it! I think Glinda would be proud.

I think I am just going to get a tiara from the party supplies section and call that good. All that is left for her is to get some foam curlers.

As for Elphaba. I really really wanted to wear her black dress, but that would have cost me around $300.

I do not own rights to this picture. I found it on Google images

I did not want to spend that kind of money. I figured what is another look that elphaba has that wouldn’t be hard to mimic? Her party dress! I found a teal dress on Amazon. I already have brown leggings and brown boots. I also bought all the green body paint that I could find, a black wig, and a black witch hat. I figure the hardest part will be turning myself green. I am up for the challenge!

I am so excited to get to be Elphaba. I have been thinking about singing defy gravity as I walk around, we will see ha-ha. It will be fun to see who actually gets who we are dressed as.

[I will post pictures after Halloween on how it turned out.]

Are you dressing up this year? If you, or your kids, are let me know which costume you’re doing in the comments!

Happy October!


8 replies to “2018 Halloween Bucket List and Costume DIY

  1. 2017 was a massive year of dressing up as musical character- For starters, over the summer, a family friend hosted a Les Mis party, and I dressed up as Eponine later repeating the costume for Halloween. Gardner Webb’s homecoming theme was Broadway. My club choose Grease and I ended up being Rizzo, and my club repeated the theme for Octoberfest.
    Then at Winter Formal, I told my suitemates, my dress looked like Glinda’s “Popular” dress- do you know what they did- looked up the outfit and took their time to look like Glinda in that scene. So in one year, dressed up like 3 musical characters. You can find my costumes on a December 2017 post- if you want to look at them

    The crazy thing is only two of those characters are meaningful to me- Les Mis and Wicked are truly meaningful musicals and those two characters I am strongly emotionally connected to. Wicked sparked my love for musicals and Les Mis turned that love into a passion.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Les Mis and Wicked are right now neck in neck tied for best musical- Wicked sparked my love for musicals at the age of 12 and Les Mis turned that love for musicals into a passion in my first year of college

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I started liking Wicked, probably 3 or 4 years ago just by listening to the music and finding what I could watch on YouTube. They recently were on tour here and I got to see it live. I cannot get it out of my head now! It was amazing! It just solidified my obsession. I have started listening to the book on Audible. It is funny how I can now pinpoint the differences between the book and theatre. Both are good still though. Les Mis I have seen a few times. It definitely knows how to play on emotions for certain!


      3. Les Mis- I am obsessed with- I know why I love it- don’t know why I am obsessed with it. I don’t exactly relate to any of the character. Strongly am emotionally connected to the character- formed a beautiful bond to a number of them. Les Mis challenged what I previously knew about musicals. Growing up, I thought ALL musicals were HAPPY and COMIC, full of spectacle and dance, romance, complexity, positive and negative emotions in score (core emotions of excitement, love, joy and sad): didn’t know I was 100% blind to HEARTBREAK and a strong emotional connection- that was my vision growing up and still is. Les Mis taught me musicals can come with their rarities. It is very powerful, epic, passionate, and highly emotional- that all makes up for its loss of dance and emotional. There is a reason why it struggles to be better than Wicked.

        Wicked perfectly carries my vision of musicals- it has the spectacle and dance (bonus once again), has the complexity, has the romance, has the positive and negative emotions in the score, and has the emotional connection (bonus: a character I fully relate to: Elphaba- if I there is character I fully relate to, it makes it hard for a musical to surpass it- that is why Les Mis is still tied with it)

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