Hello Autumn

…and just like that, seemingly over night, the fresh Autumn crisp air is here. Breathing it in is rejuvenating. Much like a snake sheds its skin, Fall always feels like a fresh start for me. It is a time of reflection, change, forgiveness, goal setting, and rebirth.

I, much like most people, look forward to Fall all year round. In fact, if it was healthy for the Earth I would love to have just 2 seasons. A 7 month Fall and a 5 month Winter; that would be my Wonderland (in a world of my own). Though, I am not sure if there has always been this Fall hype or if there is some kind of law that you must love and be excited about Fall. It just seems like there is no one person alive that does not get not excited about it. Anyway..

I am excited for Summer to leave. I love to have the windows open, letting in fresh air. I am excited to use our REAL fireplace this year; cozying up watching movies or playing a board game. Just the other day, a coworker and I were discussing a perfect Fall night. We decided it would be; lounging at home with the windows open (in the 50s outside), vanilla pumpkin candles filling the air, eating a bowl of chili, and watching Beetlejuice.

Isn’t it funny how the season makes you want different things? No one wants to eat hot soup and chili on a 110 degree summer day! Then of course, pumpkin spice everything.

I have had the baking itch, but have really been trying hard not to give in every single time. Getting through the last 4 months of the year could be difficult on the scale. Hopefully it doesn’t start to go up (I have gained back about 9 pounds and do not want it to go further). Balance. Everything in life is about balance.

Every season I like to make a bucket list. We do our best to actually accomplish the things on the list. Of course, some we feel are more important than the others. This year I decided to separate Fall and Halloween into 2 bucket lists. I had Pickle get in on it, with letting me know what is on his mind. Here is the list we came up with this year.

Number 1 is already done. Number 10 is pretty much planned. We still have a few more things to get for costumes and decor. Since I separated it into two lists I figured actually doing those 2 things will go on the next one.

What is your favorite part about this time of the year?


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