We have all done it. Asked someone a question that includes “what is your favorite…”. For many of those questions, I am sure plenty of people have an answer. I, however, hardly ever have a favorite anything.

I don’t have a favorite color. In high school, I would tell people my favorite color was clear (knowing full well that was not a “color”). I kind of have color phases where I have a color of the month (or so) that I am more drawn to. Right now it is black and white.

I don’t have one favorite food or drink. I do not like eating the same things over and over. I like to keep things interesting and try new things. I am always pinteresting new recipes. Now if you get more specific, like “what is your favorite Mexican Restaurant?” I would have an actual answer and say that is Agave Azteca. I pretty much stick to water and tea for drinks.

I don’t have a favorite band. I listen to far too many genres to have one favorite band. For the most part it is “oldies” and various rock genres.

I don’t have a favorite song. [See reason above.]

I don’t have one favorite movie or show. I honestly do not watch that much t.v., I am more of a movie person; if I watch anything (mainly because I loathe commercials).

Perhaps I am more complex than the “average” person; I don’t know. Having a favorite isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think not playing favorites allows me to be on the outside of the box more often than not.

I am curious, who else out there does not have a favorite?

Those of you who do have a favorite what makes it your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!


3 replies to “Favorites?

    1. For sure! Would you say you have a favorite color? Favorite season? Sometimes I think maybe I cannot choose because I am so indecisive. Though, I usually know exactly what I want when it is presented as a “this or that”.

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