I do my best to be a good person. That doesn’t mean that I am perfect and that drama doesn’t happen. For many years now (specifically 8 years), I have been dealing with this on-going drama on my husband’s side of the family. More specifically, with his brother and his brother’s wife.

I have thought about writing a post about it many, many times. There is just way too much that would have to be said that I am afraid it would be a novel. Plus, I am 85% sure that the other parties do read my blog (and I am not afraid to say that I read both of theirs) and I would hate to cause more harm for Chris’ parents who are in the middle of it. At the same time, this is my life, my perspective, and my blog. I try so hard to find that balance of being able to speak/write freely while also not damaging important relationships. Yet, I constantly find myself wanting to scream at them and call them out. Not that it would do any good because you can’t beat a dead horse and expect it to start breathing again (especially a horse that has been dead for 7 to 8 years).

If you have been following me for awhile now, you have heard a lot about toxic relationships. This is one of those toxic ones. Except, I would hardly call it a relationship as we no longer speak to them. Nor has there ever really been a good relationship between us (unless you count faking it for the team).

It has been a royal struggle. They highly do not give a fuck, where as we give too many fucks. It truly is sad beings he is the only sibling Chris has. But, what can we do? We have exhausted all of our options (that we can think of) to try and “fix” things. I truly believe they do not want it to be “fixed”. It surely makes family gatherings awkward.

We both keep hoping things will one day change, but based on my experience I know sometimes the hope you hold onto causes more pain than if you were to just let go of it.

So here I am, waving at the hope that will never become. I bid it fairwell.


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