Late Night “Date” Night

As a couple with children, date nights can be hard to come by. It is difficult to be spontaneous, you have to plan these things because someone will have to watch the kids. I, for one, hate asking.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom had decided to do a sleepover at her house with all the grandkids. Unfortunately for me, I still had to work until 1030pm that night so planning anything wouldn’t consist of much more than a fast food run or maybe going to a bar (and we all know I do not feel comfortable in one of those). Needless to say, we did not make plans to have any sort of date night while the kids were gone. I did jokingly tell Chris we would have a late night date night. I didn’t really think anything would come of it though.

It was suppose to storm that night so Chris offered to drive me to work and pick me up afterwards. I figured he just didn’t want the new car out in this supposed storm. He took me to work, in the van, before taking the kids to my moms. I worked my shift and then clocked out. I begin to get ready to call Chris, as I always do as a safety precaution (late night, dark, walking alone in a parking lot).

I saw through the window of the employee door, that he drove the new car to pick me up. He must have saw me in the window too because he started to come down to meet me at the door. I get in the car and see he has bought us ice cream from Sonic. He always tends to think of me in little ways like that. I notice he had Kid Cudi playing (which we use to listen to all the time). So I said to him, “is this our late night date night?” He said yeah like a long dragged out sarcastically silly “yeaaaaahhhhhhh”. We laughed and then he proceeded to leave the lot.

I figured with the music he was playing that we were going on a cruise.

Something my husband and I have always had in common is our love and yearning for long random drives. Driving to the middle of nowhere with the music turned up (or down to conversate). We have been doing that since we met.

We start driving out towards where I grew up. We did stop and get taco bell, but I was only allowed Chris approved foods in the new car ha-ha. Then we started driving more. We meandered into the park where we got married. It was quite dark in there with all the trees and maybe 1 or 2 lights for the entire park. After leaving there, I don’t know how it happened exactly but we ended up in the middle of nowhere about 45 minutes or so from our house.

The sky was mostly clear and I kept looking out at the stars. I love to stargaze. I wound up spotting this particular “star” that was insanely bright and large. It dominated all of the other stars. I kept asking, what is that!? I figured it was Mars or some planet so of course I had to find out. I got my phone and started Googling trying to figure it out. After all my research, I think we were seeing Saturn! (It is highly possible it was something else). We wound up finding a dark park to pull over into, to see more stars, but that one just kept haunting me. I did get a blurry photo of it, but it doesn’t do it any justice.

Hooray for crappy phone photos.

Anyways, we drove around for close to 2 hours. It was a great time to just relax and be together somewhat reliving “old times”. It is funny how some of the most simplest things can make you happy.

What is your favorite thing to do on a date night? Let me know in the comments!


2 replies to “Late Night “Date” Night

  1. Since the birth of my daughter, it has been really easy to neglect the date nights and when do have those rare opportunities we do sit there discussing – “what should we actually do”. It sounds quite nice what you both did, improvising rather than having a plan and just getting out.

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    1. It is so easy to put yourself and your relationship on the backburner when you have kids (especially when they are little). We have gone through the same thing of not knowing what to do when we do have the moment. There are plenty of ways to have a date night, even including at night once the kiddos are sleeping. Pinterest always has a lot of inspiring ideas. However, sometimes, just simply getting out of the house together is enough. Even if it is driving around and eating tacos lol.

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