31 Days Of Self Love: Day 26

Day 26: What parts of yourself are you ashamed of? What does your shadow self look like?

I really don’t want this to come off as I am full of myself or something. In all honesty, there isn’t anything that I am ashamed of about myself. I 100% know that I am not perfect, but who I am is nothing to be ashamed of.

I always have good intentions. I do my best to be kind to everyone, even those who have done me wrong or those that really tick me off (and trust me there are people who do). I believe that I am a good person.

Sure there are things that I would like to change about myself and those are the things I am working on. However, I am not ashamed of the things I need to change. Nor do I need to feel ashamed for any of it.

As for the second question, I was not sure exactly what shadow self meant. I turned to trusty ole Google and learned that shadow self is basically the person you aspire to be.

I aspire to just love who I am and my life. I want to stop wishing for something more or “better” than who I am or what I have. I have reached that point in my life now where all I am is grateful. It has taken me nearly 29 years to get there but hey, better late than never. I may not have everything I want or be everything I wish to be, but I am enough. I have enough. I’m content and happy.

Learn to love the life you’re in. Love the body you’re in. Work on yourself for yourself.

Until tomorrow,


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