31 Days Of Self Love: Day 25

Day 25: What things are you really really good at?

One thing that I feel like I am really good at is writing. I don’t mean that I have perfect punctuation or grammar because I know I don’t. Run-on sentences use to be my life.

I just feel like I am able to eloquently express my thoughts. I also think I provide really good imagery when I want to. I really should try to dig out some of my old stories that I wrote, to share on my blog. Though, they are depressing and morbid in nature.

When I share things with others, that I have written, they are usually surprised by it. I have had nothing but great feedback from people, even on here. My mom always tells me that I need to word things for her because I write so well. The realtor we had in this house process confessed that she sent my personal letters that I wrote to sellers to her other clients so that they could use it to write their own. I jokingly told her I should claim royalties on it.

I wish I had enough substance to write an awesome book, maybe some day I will.

I just love to write. It is therapeutic for me and has been my outlet to cope for a very long time. I remember writing in diaries in elementary school. It is crazy to think how much I have changed since then in my writing.

One thing that has not changed is how terrible my handwriting is, unless I write in cursive; my cursive is really good. Hmm, I guess that makes at least 2 things I feel really good at.

Until tomorrow,


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