31 Days Of Self Love: Day 11

Day 11: How would you lovingly describe yourself to a stranger?

I am a genuine woman who cares about other people and our planet. I am a lover of food and trying new things. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have been through a lot of rough days to get where I am now, but I am all the more stronger for my experiences. I am a passionate and determined individual who is not afraid to speak her mind. My interests include decorating, singing, creating crafts/art projects, cooking, writing, exploring, watching movies, music, and playing games. I do not have a set religion, but I am always open to learning about others. I do not live in a box in my mind. I can be funny and sarcastic at times (most times). I especially like to make others feel good about themselves or make them smile. I like having deep conversations and learning about others. I especially enjoy sleeping, chai tea lattes, and cuddling. I love musicals. I love going to the theatre to see them live. Sometimes I think I should have been an art major. In all honesty, I am proud of who I am.

Until tomorrow,


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