31 Days Of Self Love: Day 10

Day 10: How can you set better boundaries in your life?

I think boundaries are very important. When you are a parent you have to teach your children what boundaries are. They have to learn right from wrong and a lot of that is done through setting boundaries.

Also, relationships have boundaries. Sometimes we let people get away with things that we really do not approve of. I know I have had my fair share of this. It was mainly due to not wanting to cause drama. Drama seems to be a black and white thing. Either you have drama by speaking up or you don’t by not saying anything. Sometimes you have to decide which are important to you and which aren’t.

For me, setting better boundaries means speaking up. When something bothers me, especially the ones that are more bothersome, I have to speak up. I cannot resolve an issue if they don’t (the other party) know that it is even a problem. People are not mindreaders (or at least most people).

When you set boundaries and people knowingly cross them, I consider that a lack of respect. People who do that probably don’t bring anything positive to your life. Are they really worth having in your life if they keep knowingly crossing your boundaries?

I always like to look on the other side, too. For instance, do I know their boundaries? Have I crossed a boundary of theirs? I’m not perfect, so yes I most likely have at some point. The only way for anything to work properly is to have that open dialogue with the people in your life.

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