31 Days Of Self Love: Day 7

Day 7: Name something you love about your body and personality.


This portion I find a bit hard to answer. I love my body, but I feel like no one is ever truly satisfied with the one they have. There is always something we wish we could change. That doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful. The body itself is an amazing thing when you think about all the things that make up a person.

The one thing I have never wished to change are my eyes. I have always thought I have pretty eyes. They use to actually change color all the time between blue, grey, and green. Now, they are usually greenish grey. I also have always liked the size and shape of my eyes. I don’t know why, but I have.

The other thing that I love about my body is the fact that it has held life inside of it, at least 2 times. Being pregnant and birthing my 2 children is such a miraculous thing to me. You can read about those experiences if you want to here—> Pickle’s birth and Poppy’s birth. Both were completely different from the other as one was a csection and the other was a vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean). When I see my stretch marks I am not saddened at the fact that I have them. I look at them and think how cool it was and how much of a privilege it was to be able to do such an amazing thing.


Two things I love about who I am is that I am caring and honest. I tend to put everyone else above myself. I hardly ever say no to helping someone in need. Sometimes I do feel taken advantage of, but I never feel guilty for being helpful.

I definitely pride myself on being honest. Yes I use to lie when I was younger, but quickly found that there was no point in lying when the truth will come out at some point anyway. Plus, holding onto a lie is a burden of itself. I choose not to create more burdens for myself. I am not afraid to be honest. I am not afraid of being vulnerable. Being honest helps me maintain my anxiety too. I don’t have to harbor feelings. I wish more people could understand the benefits of honesty, even when it hurts.

Until tomorrow,


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