31 Days Of Self Love: Day 5

Day 5: What is something you need to start saying yes to?

I really don’t feel like I am asked things that often that involve me saying no. Right now I guess the biggest thing I say no to is going to any functions that I know certain people will be at. It is especially hard for me to say yes to going to important family functions because I do not want to give disrespectful people the time of day. However at the same time, it hurts those that I love and care about by us not being there when we should and want to be there. It isn’t their fault that there is dysfunction in the family. I have tried, on several occasions, to reach some kind of resolution but the other parties involved have big egos. Actually, I am not sure where one of them even stands. It makes it difficult for me and my little family to want to be around them. We do not deserve to be treated the way we have been. Yet they point the blame at us. I am sure they are even reading this now and rolling their eyes at what I am saying.

I should (and plan to) start saying yes to going to these functions and just ignore the disrespectful people while we are there. It really tears me apart that things have turned out this way, but it certainly isn’t because I lack trying.

Until tomorrow,


3 replies to “31 Days Of Self Love: Day 5

    1. Usually the other people are the ones who spend a brief amount of time there. Which is nice for us since we actually enjoy spending time with the family. It just makes me sad because family should not have to be that way, but it is what it is. 🤗

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