31 Days Of Self Love: Day 4

Day 4: What is a compliment that you struggle to accept about yourself?

Honestly this answer depends on the day. I have confident days and days where I am not confident at all. I think that is normal for most people?

Two compliments that I typically do not believe (not that the person is lying, but that I just don’t agree with) is:


While I know I am not a bad mom, sometimes I think people think a lot more highly of me than I do myself. People do not see the struggling moments *usually*. When someone tells me that I am such a good mom, I say thank you, but always follow it with -“I am trying”. Somedays I feel like a mediocre mom. Some days, okay most days, I feel like I could be 50 times better. I try to give all that I am to my kids, but sometimes I know I need to be put first too. It is all about balance and I am working on that.

2. Anything pertaining to my looks I usually, in my head, don’t necessarily believe. It truly depends on the day though because some days I feel overly confident and other days I feel like I pass as a frumpy man. I know I am not a size 0 perfectly symmetrical bombshell, but I do not think I am the ugliest creature either. I think a lot of the reason I don’t always believe a compliment is because of the bullying I have endured throughout my life. I was called Medusa a lot in school. I was made fun of for having acne. My husband’s brother’s wife has made remarks about me being “not totally feminine looking” on social media [which I still do not understand that perspective].

People can believe what they want about me, I don’t really care. I only have one body and have to respect it. Besides, not everyone has the same idea of what beauty means. If people feel like they have to insult others to make themselves feel good, that is their problem. That doesn’t mean the constant reminder/bullying doesn’t get to your head sometimes. At this point in my life though, it doesn’t get to me like it use to. I know I am a good person and to me that matters a whole lot more than what size pants I wear or what my face looks like.

Until tomorrow,


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