31 Days Of Self Love: Day 3

Day 3: What good habit do you want to begin this month?

Sleep. My sleep pattern has never been regular. I am a night owl most nights. 80% of those nights is because of my insomnia issues. The other 20% is because of whatever I am doing/thinking that keeps me awake (or fighting my sleep).

With Pickle getting ready to start kindergarten, I know a very important thing is a sleep schedule. Like me, Pickle is a night owl. Most days he is awake by 830am regardless of when he goes to sleep. I really want to try and start getting all 3 of us (me, Pickle, and Poppy) on a schedule that reflects the schedule of Pickle going to school. I firmly believe if we start it earlier than the first day of school, we will be more successful when it is actually important.

How can I make that happen?

I need to force myself to have a bedtime. Poppy is pretty much on a bedtime schedule. Pickle, well it is Summer vacation and I wanted him to feel excited about that for a little bit (late nights). However, we will all be much more efficient if we are properly energized each day. That means getting adequate sleep, which means having a bed time and a wake up time.

My goal is to have the kids sleeping by 10pm each night. My personal goal is to be sleeping by midnight. I plan to start a schedule of waking up at 7am everyday. I think this will get us in a routine. We just have to stick to it.

Until tomorrow,


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