31 Days Of Self Love: Day 2

Check out day one’s post self love day one.

Day 2: What is a limiting belief that you have about yourself or your abilities?

I have been laying here starring at this screen, really trying to think of an answer for this question. The only thing I believe that limits me, sometimes, is my need for perfection in arts. I love to create things, especially like house decor, art, and crafts.

I tend to give up on tough projects easily. I can become very frustrated when things don’t turn out exactly as perfect as I picture them. I have to remind myself that I am human and not a machine with precise movements. I do know my hands do not have as much stability as I need sometimes for some of the projects I like to do. (I attribute that to the many many hours of annihilating guitar hero on expert mode years ago).

I gave up on my etsy shop not long after I opened it because my lines (sewing) weren’t getting any straighter. It became less enjoyable for me when things would not turn out right. Though, I did make many useful things and sold some of them, none of them were as perfect as I wanted them to be. That was 3 or 4 years ago now.

Since then, I have had to learn to be ok with imperfections.

I still start projects. Projects will start as an idea in my head. After the idea is set, I buy the supplies. Once I am ready I begin the project. Most often times the project I had in mind turns out differently than what I picture.

An example..

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make a 4th of July door hanger. I had this idea in my head about a sign that said “the land of the free and the home of the brave” with a red white and blue theme to it. I got the supplies home and began my project. I started with pencil so I could fit the space. Once I started to use the paint, I realized the brushes I had were not meant for scripture. They were all I had so I persisted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t turning out very nicely. I decided to try and wash the wood off so I could start over. Well, that didn’t work; the paint already had stained the wood. So, I had to think of a new sign that I could do that involved painting over the messed up part. I did just that. I decided instead of using paint to try and write with, I would use a sharpie marker. I have always been good with markers and pens. I thought it was a good compromise. Once again, my eagerness trumped me and I began using my marker a little too soon on some spots. I had to repaint over it and do it again. In the end, the project wasn’t perfect. It has some flaws in my eyes. However, I am okay with it. It gets the point across. Normally I would have thrown it in the trash, but I didn’t. It is okay not to have a perfect project that can be mass produced in a factory. My sign is one of a kind.

I have begun holding myself to a new standard where I finish what I start. Where I tell myself it doesn’t have to be flawless to be nice. I am trying to refrain from setting limitations on myself and what I think my abilities are. It has been a process, but it ultimately has been helping. I am getting somewhere with the process. Progress is progress no matter how small it may seem.

Until tomorrow,


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