What The Heck Is Happening!?

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This morning I woke up to my almost 5 year old screaming. It was the kind of moment when you are not sure if you are hearing things/dreaming or not so you wait to see if you hear it again. It was maybe 2 to 3 minutes before I heard him again.


Seriously, when do kids figure out how to adequately wipe? We have tried everything we can think of to teach him how, but I think he just doesn’t want to.

So I got up, went downstairs, bypassing 2 perfectly good toilets on the same level I am on, to go downstairs to the powder room where he is. I helped clean him up and then came back upstairs to get Poppy. Poppy and I were laying in my bed for maybe 10 minutes. Pickle came back upstairs and said, “I pooped in my underwear”. It isn’t like him to have accidents, but I figured maybe he had a skid mark as he sometimes does. He changed himself and within 5 minutes I hear him say, “I just puked”.

Immediately after that statement he said, “I think I pooped in my underwear”. I am thinking, “oh no what is happening?” I got up to clean the puke, apparently we didn’t leave any cleaning supplies upstairs. I went downstairs to find carpet cleaner and in the midst of my searches I found cat puke on the floor.

By this point I feel like I am in the twilight zone. What the heck is happening!?

I cleaned up the cat puke, as well as quickly fed the cats, and headed back up the stairs. I asked where the puke was because I didn’t see anything. When he showed me, it looked more like someone hacked a loogie on the carpet. I cleaned it up and Pickle says, “I need you to wipe my butt”. Of course, child, let me get that for you.

I noticed he could use a shower. I started the water for him and had him get in. By this point he says he feels good. He was acting completely normal other than the lack of controlling bodily functions. He showered and got dressed.

Next thing I know, I am sitting on the couch downstairs and he says, “I need you to wipe my butt”. I get up and clean him again. All of a sudden he started crying that his stomach was hurting. Poor guy likely has the flu. We knew there was a chance of this happening as one of the other kids in the family had it.

This morning was challenging to say the least. The flu doesn’t care if you didn’t sleep well last night. The flu doesn’t care if you woke up cranky and have zero motivation to do anything. The flu doesn’t care about the cat puke on the floor or the 1,000 other things you had planned on doing that day.

Overall though, I wish I could take the flu from him. I would rather be sick than him be sick. I hate seeing them feel so helpless. Hopefully this passes quickly and doesn’t spread to the masses in the house. Yay for disinfectant wipes!

How is your Thursday going?


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