This Has To Be STOPPED!

Another school shooting today. That is 23 this year alone where someone has been injured, or killed, while attending (or teaching) SCHOOL! Why does this keep happening?! Why are people unable to see the value of life? Why are things so bad that they think this is the only answer?
I was bullied, tormented, throughout both middle school and high school. Never once did I think that killing my bullies was an answer to get them to leave me alone. Many of them didn’t until I finally graduated. People say well some people just “snap”, it is an impulse decision out of anger. I get angry. Trust me, I am the most short fused person that I know. I have not ever reached a point where my anger trumps my ability to value the life of others. How does a person lose that ability?
I get sick of hearing our prayers are with the victims. No! While you are fully allowed to feel your prayers are helping, I suggest putting those words into actions. Actions are what is going to make a difference. Teach your children the value of life. Teach your children how to release anger in healthy outlets. Teach your children that weapons are not meant for revenge (if you have guns, lock them up). Do not portray your guns as a “cool” thing. Guns are meant for protection, not retaliation. If you have guns, talk to your child about gun safety. Do not assume they won’t touch it. Be present in your child’s life. Be there. Don’t sweep bullying under the rug thinking “kids will be kids”. No! Teach these people how to be decent human beings! Give them consequences for their behaviors.
Kids, do not ever be afraid to talk to someone if you are struggling. It is not anything to be ashamed of. Everyone has their struggles. Talk to someone (teacher, counselor, principal, parent, police officer, resource officer, relatives) make them listen. You are never alone.


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